Custom Software Development Services

We create solutions that solve business problems, meet requirements, respond to market needs, and transform internal operations.

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Custom Software solutions we offer

Our team supports you at every stage of the software development life-cycle: from product discovery to deployment and post-release support
Mobile app development​

Our mobile developers use well-proven agile practices and follow a client-oriented approach to develop custom mobile apps that highlight your brand identity, bring customers, and solve everyday business challenges.

Web app development​

We’ve gained our experience in building web applications through cooperating with companies that follow various business models and operate in various business domains like FinTech and e-Commerce.

UI/UX design

Our UI/UX design team’s expertise and creativity will help you get the product you’ve pictured. We rely on established standards, proven tools and deep understanding of your business goals while designing your product.

QA services

We run manual and automated tests and use different approaches during the entire development life-cycle to eliminate problems and bugs, enhance performance, and improve business logic and design.

DevOps services​

Bring new code and features to your products painlessly with our experienced DevOps engineers. We’ll help you reduce time to market without sacrificing reliability, security, and compliance.

Staff augmentation​

We provide staff augmentation services to expand your team with qualified and experienced members. Acquire our iOS, Android, and Web developers, DevOps and QA engineers, UI/UX designers in no time.

Startup services

If you’re a brave startup with an idea and you want to test waters, we’ll help you bring it to life. As a software engineering company, we have in-depth experience in creating MVP projects to reduce time to market.

Why Us


Our cutting-edge technology and software solutions enable you to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and stay ahead of the competition.


We foster a culture of innovation, constantly seeking new ideas and approaches to drive your business forward and seize new opportunities.


We are pioneers in the agile process approach, we place a strong emphasis on flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development.


We set ourselves apart through our dedication to excellence. Our goal is to surpass your expectations in all aspects of our service.


AssortTech is committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing comprehensive strategies and support to convert your idea into an incredible product.


Choosing AssortTech, you can access valuable insights and strategic guidance that align your business with emerging trends. This knowledge equips you to make informed decisions.

Why AssortTech

We have greatest impact you hire us.

Our software development flow

We follow an established software development life cycle (SDLC) to build a cost-effective product that meets your requirements and market demands

Our Clients Say About Us

Core Industry Expertise

Decade of experience accumulated in sophisticated web platforms, mobile applications, and complex systems in line with the latest industry trends.


  • Tailored Software Solutions.
  • Helping Establishing Online Business.
  • Building Enterprise level Applications.

Market Place

  • Connecting Buyers with Businesses.
  • Leveraging Technology to Modernize Buying and Selling.
  • Enhancing Decision Making through Technology.


  • Enabling Tour Organizers in Enhancing Business Using Technology.
  • Supporting Business in Reliable and Secure Online Payment Solutions.
  • Enabling Easy Access to Safe travel services through Technology.


  • Assisting Business in Data Analysis.
  • Automate Business Operations.
  • Addressing Specific Business Needs.

Media and Entertainment:

  • Enabling immersive media experiences.
  • Producing interactive tools to revolutionize content creation.
  • Integrating analytics and data to improve client relations.

Real Estate

  • Providing Innovative Platforms to Connect Clients with Customers.
  • Creating Robust Software for Property Management.
  • Helping Clients in Analyzing Customer Trends and Market Insights.


  • Improved Research.
  • Smearing Technology Learning.
  • Creating Virtual Learning Environment.


  • Enabling efficient payments methods.
  • Developing online and offline retail solutions.
  • Innovative solutions for inventory management.

Food and Hospitality

  • Developing Tailored Solutions for Food Delivery.
  • Building Vigorous Software for Food Safety and Transparency.
  • Enabling Optimized Food Logistics through Technology.

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How we can help your business

As a software development company, we can deliver a wide range of modernization options for your software

Modern technologies

Our team uses a wide range of programming languages to build complex projects and be flexible to changes providing software development services.

Established data protection

We sign an NDA agreement to protect your idea. It contains information about the procedure of data collection, project transfer, types of access, and more.

Full transparency

Using well-known project management tools and practices, we keep our processes transparent and catch you up to the latest updates.

Goal-oriented architecture

With a Solution Architect working on your product, we design architecture from the ground up to make sure it goes along with your business goals from the early stages.

Questions you may have

Learn more about our software development services and expertise we offer

There are three key aspects:

  • Decide on what services you need. Are you going to build a mobile or web app, need custom UI design, QA testing, or all together?
  • Look for a vendor. Check their portfolio, tech stack, social profiles, and reviews from previous clients.
  • Consider communication. At AssortTech, we use the same tools as our clients do to make the communication process more convenient for them.
If you’re building a software product for your customers, it’s a great way to attract and engage people. And engaged customers buy 90% more often. If we’re talking about internal business software, it’ll help you manage all the departments in a company, keep track of internal processes, make reports, and many more.

Here are the core benefits of offshore development:

  • No training costs. You don’t waste time and money on training employees – it’s the job of your offshore partner.
  • Skillset. Most offshore companies are focused on certain industries or technologies, so it’ll be easy to find engineers with specific skills.

Because it’s cheaper than hiring an in-house team, but the quality is still high, especially if you’re outsourcing to Eastern or Western Europe. Offshore companies offer a bigger pool of talents and technologies, and there are no additional costs you have to bear like taxes, hardware, office rent, and so on.

Offshore development services are usually focused on web development, web app development, mobile app development, UI/UX design services, quality assurance services, IT consulting, support.

At AssortTech, custom software development services include:

  • mobile app development (iOS, Android)
  • web development
  • UI/UX design services
  • QA testing services