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Hybrid mobile app development services help businesses speed up creation and launch a product with the lower cost

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Flutter development

React Native development

App migration services

Hybrid Development Services We Offer

Hybrid Development  app development services that allow startups and established businesses to get high-performance mobile products faster and easier

Hybrid Development

Bespoke mobile solutions, guaranteeing native-like user experience, smooth running across platforms, and exciting UI/UX design

PoC/MVP App Development

Hybrid-platform solutions to reduce time to market, optimize development cost, and release apps and their updates faster

Migration from native to Cross platform

Transition to cross-platform apps to expand the user audience, increase the profitability of the solution, and breathe new power into it

Hybrid Development consulting

Full tech consultations on the custom development, aligning cross-platform products with business systems, and app improvements

Full-Cycle Hybrid App Development

Cross-platform app development services that fit your business domain and requirements, MVPs to verify ideas and launch applications faster, support, and enhancement of existing products

React native

Flexible and versatile mobile apps suitable for different platforms and business needs


High-performant, native-like apps to let you gain both iOS and Android user audience

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

Benefit from our cross platform mobile app development service: custom solutions for mobile, smart TVs, wearables, or else, aligning with existing business systems, updates and rebuilds on demand


Hybrid Scalability

A unified app business logic and up to 80% code reuse to target several platforms simultaneously


Quicker time-to-market

Save 20-40% of time on app’s creation and deployment to stores with less resources than on two native solutions


Reduced development costs

Hybrid mobile development services to cut project costs without sacrificing features or native-like interface

Hybrid Development Solutions We’ve Delivered

We individually approach each cross-platform solution, find the best ways to implement it, and help the client optimize development time, budget, and efforts


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Why Hire Assort Tech as Hybrid App Development Company

Sergey Molchanov

Head of Business Development

Best practices and compliance with industry security standards

We create hybrid development solutions that consider the latest standards regarding security, data safety, usability, and interoperability in particular domain and area

Full-cycle development

End-to-end hybrid development mobile app development services: Discovery Phase, bespoke UI/UX designs and prototypes, Delivery, and post-production support

Technology expertise

We create hybrid development solutions that consider the latestCleveroad experts help startups and companies choose the best cross-platform stack and advise the architecture, allowing to achieve the project’s goals fasterstandards regarding security, data safety, usability, and interoperability in particular domain and area

Continuous innovation

Our team participates in various conferences and meetings devoted to innovations and updates in cross-platform development — to make innovations serve our customers’ business goals and needs

Questions you might have

Learn more about our mobile app development workflow.

This is a service that involves the creation of custom mobile applications that run equally well on iOS and Android. For this, a single codebase is used, which helps speed up the project by 40-50% while maintaining high quality and native user experience.

It depends on a wide variety of factors: your requirements regarding the app’s functionality, technical features of your business systems in use, deadlines, the need to refine existing mobile solutions, etc. Therefore, we consider each project individually, choosing Flutter, React Native, libraries, and integrations to achieve the most excellent efficiency and speed on the project.

You can always discuss your expectations, requirements, and tech stack with our consultants — drop us a line!

At Cleveroad, we follow the Agile-oriented approach and break the development process into separate sprints according to the Scrum methodology. It allows our customers and us to flexibly manage the workflow, improve the product continuously, and launch mobile apps to market faster.

You can read more about our pipeline here

This development approach implies that software engineers do not create separate (native) applications for different platforms but build a single solution equally well suited for iOS and Android devices. The programmers work with a joint code base, and the ready-made product is compatible with multiple mobile OSs. As a result, owners can release an app almost twice as fast: and there are no differences in performance, User Interface expressiveness, and functionality.

Any of cross platform mobile application development service provided by Cleveroad will give you:

  • Cross-platform Scalability: a common business logic and up to 80% code reuse help target several platforms simultaneously with high performance and reliability
  • Quicker time-to-market: save 20-40% of the time on app’s creation and deployment to stores, and you spend fewer resources than on two native solutions
  • Reduced development costs: cut project spendings without sacrificing end-product features or native-like interface

When you need cross-platform engineers, the best option is to turn to a software development company with a pool of relevant experts who can cooperate with you via a dedicated team model or another approach that fits your project needs.

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