Hybrid Development

Hybrid mobile app development services assist businesses in accelerating product creation and launch at a reduced cost.

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Hybrid Development Services We Offer

Hybrid Development  app development services that allow startups and established businesses to get high-performance mobile products faster and easier

Hybrid Development

Custom mobile solutions that ensure a native-like user experience, seamless performance across multiple platforms, and captivating UI/UX design.

PoC/MVP App Development

Hybrid-platform solutions that minimize time to market, optimize development costs and expedite the release of apps and their updates.

Migration from native to Cross platform

Embrace cross-platform apps to broaden your user base, enhance the profitability of your solution, and infuse it with renewed vitality.

Hybrid Development consulting

We offer in-depth technical consultations to assist you with custom development, ensuring seamless integration of cross-platform products with your existing business system, and enhancing overall app performance.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

Unlock the benefits of our cross-platform mobile app development service, which offers custom solutions for various platforms including mobile devices, smart TVs, wearables, and more. Our service seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems and provides updates and rebuilds as needed to ensure your app stays up-to-date and meets your evolving requirements.

Hybrid Scalability

Achieve a unified app business logic and maximize code reuse with up to 80% code sharing, allowing you to target multiple platforms simultaneously.

Quicker time-to-market

Save 20-40% of time and resources on app creation and deployment to app stores compared to developing two separate native solutions

Reduced development costs

Benefit from our hybrid mobile development services that help you reduce project costs while maintaining robust features and a native-like interface.

End-to-End Hybrid App Development

Delivering cross-platform app development services tailored to your specific business domain and requirements. Creating MVPs to validate ideas and accelerate app launches. Provide ongoing support and enhancements for existing products.


Develop high-performing mobile applications that provide a native-like experience, allowing you to reach and engage users on both the iOS and Android platforms.

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This service entails developing customized mobile applications that seamlessly operate on both iOS and Android platforms. It utilizes a single codebase, resulting in a 40-50% acceleration in project completion while ensuring top-notch quality and a native user experience.

Multiple factors come into play when determining the optimal approach: your app’s functionality requirements, technical aspects of your existing business systems, project deadlines, and the need for enhancements to current mobile solutions. Consequently, we assess each project on an individual basis and select the most suitable combination of Flutter, React Native, libraries, and integrations to maximize efficiency and speed. Our consultants are always available to discuss your expectations, requirements, and preferred tech stack.

At AssortTech, we adhere to the Agile-oriented approach, implementing the Scrum methodology to divide the development process into distinct sprints. This approach enables flexible workflow management, continuous product improvement, and faster market launch of mobile apps for both our customers and us.

In this development approach, instead of creating separate applications for each platform, software engineers build a single solution that works equally well on both iOS and Android devices. They work with a shared codebase, resulting in a product that is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. This enables owners to release their app nearly twice as quickly without compromising on performance, expressive user interface, or functionality.

AssortTech’s cross-platform mobile application development services offer the following benefits:

Cross-platform Scalability

Achieve exceptional performance and reliability by leveraging a shared business logic and up to 80% code reuse, enabling you to simultaneously target multiple platforms with cross-platform scalability.

Accelerated time-to-market

Save 20-40% of the time required for app creation and deployment to stores, while utilizing fewer resources compared to developing two separate native solutions.

Cost-effective development

Reduce project costs without compromising on end-product features or a native-like interface.

When the need arises for cross-platform engineers, the ideal choice is to engage a software development company equipped with a diverse pool of relevant experts. These professionals can collaborate with you through various approaches, such as a dedicated team model, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.

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