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Our software engineers meticulously design applications, considering every detail and accounting for the unique characteristics of the operating system. They ensure compatibility with all Android versions and devices, guaranteeing your users receive a top-notch final product.

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Leverage the power of mobile apps to overcome complex business challenges using advanced technologies. At Assort Tech, we specialize in developing custom Android applications that are tailored to meet your business requirements.

Data-driven travel and hospitality industry applications offer a comprehensive feature set to cater to user preferences. They commonly incorporate a search engine powered by Elastic Search, custom push notifications through Amazon SNS, and seamless payment integration using services like Stripe or Braintree.

1800 hours

Average development time

8 months

Average project length

Ridesharing apps typically encompass two distinct in-app roles or apps: Driver and Passenger. In addition to essential functionalities, ridesharing apps necessitate the integration of map APIs (such as Google Maps or MapKit), payment gateways (like Stripe or PayPal), and in-app calling features (utilizing services like Twilio or Bandwidth).

2200 hours

Average development time

6 months

Average project length

As a custom Android app development company, we specialize in crafting mobile solutions tailored for the agribusiness sector. These applications typically incorporate GPS integration using Beacons and Location services, enabling real-time access to USDA-NRCS data, field monitoring capabilities, and more.

2500 hours

Average development time

6 Months

Average development time

Android applications designed for retail purposes have the potential to address a wide array of challenges. By adopting the right development approach, an Android device can be transformed into a versatile point-of-sale (POS) system or a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) device. This allows businesses to tackle their problems using a user-friendly mobile app effectively.

2000 hours

Average development time

5 Months

Average development time

Streamline warehouse workflows with customized applications designed to align with your unique processes. Android devices can be versatile tools, serving as barcode scanners (supporting EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, and QR codes) or handheld devices to enhance asset management capabilities.

3500 hours

Average development time

9 Months

Average development time

This broad category encompasses nutrition applications as well as workout and activity-tracking apps. Fitness applications are often equipped with features such as Google Fit sync through its SDK, optimized compatibility with wearables, and mapping functionalities leveraging the Google Maps Platform.

1800 hours

Average development time

4 Months

Average development time

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Leveraging a range of proven technologies and services, we swiftly deliver your app’s functionality while ensuring a remarkable user experience.

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Android app technology stack we use

Our team follows Android development best practices to create mobile solutions that deliver lasting business value.


It is a versatile general-purpose language, that finds extensive applications in various domains, including Android app development. It offers notable advantages such as portability, scalability, and exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for building complex enterprise applications that require flexibility and potential for future expansion.


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An open-source programming language embraced by Google as a Java alternative for Android app development boasts a concise syntax and seamless compilation to JavaScript or JVM bytecode. Its smooth integration with existing Java frameworks and libraries accelerates the app development process, equipping developers with a broader set of tools to create native Android applications efficiently.


More maintainable


of all app downloads
in Google Play


It is a lightweight database designed to eliminate the need for server-client architecture by storing app data directly on mobile devices. Leveraging a file-based approach, this database offers developers a diverse set of capabilities. With its serverless nature, SQLite delivers enhanced power and speed, as it eliminates the need for server requests.


top database


Faster Than
The Filesystem


Realm, a widely-used mobile database, is a go-to choice for iOS app development and Android platforms. It boasts remarkable speed, surpassing SQLite in performance, and offers cross-platform compatibility. With its thread-safe nature and user-friendly API, developers find it a modern and dependable alternative to native Apple databases.


app performance


apps worldwide


Firebase, a Backend-as-a-Service platform, liberates developers from the burdens of server management and API development, enabling them to concentrate on crafting exceptional user experiences. As a comprehensive backend solution, Firebase significantly accelerates the process of iOS native app development.


use Firebase


developers’ efficiency


RxJava is a robust implementation of reactive programming designed for Java and Android. As an open-source library, it incorporates Observer and iterator patterns, facilitating the development of robust software with efficient front-end and back-end components. With RxJava, developers benefit from its intuitive nature, extensive extensions, and rapid responsiveness to changes.


Faster compilation


Faster performance


Robolectric, an open-source Android unit test framework, empowers QA specialists to conduct tests for Android apps using the local JVM. This framework facilitates a black-box testing approach, enhancing the efficiency of tests during refactoring while enabling a thorough examination of the app’s behavior. With Robolectric, the testing process becomes faster and more streamlined.


Faster testing


Faster testing


JUnit, an open-source unit testing framework for Java, offers developers a remarkable opportunity to write and test code simultaneously. This powerful framework enables the creation of comprehensive test suites, allowing thorough tracking of all possible side effects. With its user-friendly graphical interface, JUnit simplifies the entire testing process.


Faster testing


improved bug


Mockito is a powerful mocking framework designed for efficient unit testing of Java applications. This tool simplifies the creation of mock objects and enables programmers to verify the behavior of the system under test without pre-establishing expectations. The result is cleaner test code that is easier to read and modify.


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faster testing


Espresso, a Google-created automation tool, is specifically designed for writing concise and dependable UI tests. This framework offers numerous advantages for developers and QA engineers, greatly expediting the development process. With its seamless integration into popular IDEs, Espresso is user-friendly and provides helpful testing annotations and assertions.


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faster testing

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