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Elevate your yoga experience! This Yoga App simplifies bookings, schedules, and payments, connecting instructors and enthusiasts seamlessly. With a variety of yoga classes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect class for your needs and goals. It's the ultimate platform for a thriving yoga community.

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Oct 2023

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Project description

Enhancing Yoga Connection

On Demand Yoga App connects yoga teachers with people who want personalized yoga classes. It makes it easy for Yoga Instructors and customers to book, manage, and pay for classes. Yoga teachers can show their skills, create classes, and handle bookings. Moreover, customers can easily find and book classes that fit their preferences.

Client’s Requirement

Streamlined Yoga Experience

The client's specifications for this yoga app include allowing customers to easily create accounts, while Yoga Instructors require admin approval for access. Customers can seamlessly join yoga classes at their preferred date, time, and location. Yoga Instructors can schedule sessions based on their availability and preferences, pending admin approval. Both customers and Yoga Instructors can choose from various subscription packages managed by the administration. Furthermore, timely notifications about upcoming yoga sessions are sent to both groups to enhance user experience. Lastly, the application ensures support for secure and convenient payment methods, including credit/debit cards, facilitating a smooth and reliable financial transaction process.


Addressing Implementation Hurdles

The team faced significant challenges in implementing the client's On Demand Yoga App requirements. Introducing admin approval for Yoga Instructors required a delicate balance between vetting and smooth onboarding. Developing a dynamic class scheduling system accommodating Yoga Instructors ' availability and preferences while ensuring prompt admin approvals demanded intricate coordination. Managing various subscription packages required a user-friendly interface with effective oversight. Implementing timely notifications for both parties posed challenges in achieving real-time communication and consistent delivery. The integration of secure payment methods, including credit/debit cards, demanded meticulous compliance to enhance the overall user experience of accessing yoga classes.

Yogi Hurdles in Implementation
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Seeking an app like On Demand Yoga?

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Resolving Coordination Challenges

The admin approval process was optimized that ensured a streamlined onboarding experience for Yoga Instructors, eliminating delays. A robust coordination system was implemented, allowing instructors to align availability and preferences with user schedules for a more responsive yoga classes schedule. Subscription management now features a user-friendly interface with efficient oversight. Furthermore, an advanced notification system was implemented to provide timely updates to customers and Yoga Instructors, enhancing real-time communication. Additionally, secure payment methods were implemented to meet industry standards for seamless transactions. Collectively, these solutions contribute to a successful and client-aligned implementation of the yoga app.

Main Features

The app offers an incredible range of features tailored for Yoga Instructors and enthusiasts alike:

User-Centric Interface

The "Home" section displays nearby instructors and upcoming yoga classes, enabling users to search and apply filters. A streamlined "Booking Process" allows reservations for public and private sessions, with the option to add favorites for quicker bookings.

Yogi Dashboard

Under 'My Classes,' Yoga Instructors can efficiently handle registrations and access customer information with editable options, excluding specific details. The 'History' section provides a chronological record of completed, canceled, and disputed sessions. Additionally, 'Earnings' presents a financial summary, including total earnings, pending amounts, and class slot breakdowns.

Class Creation

Instructors can set up yoga classes with customizable features and pricing, offering single and group sessions at preferred locations. Future bookings depend on package expiration. The "Upcoming Classes" feature manages sessions, allowing easy registration and cancellation.

Booking Management

"Booking Summary & Payments" offers a quick view of booked classes, redeemable points, and various payment methods. In "My Booking," users access details of ongoing, completed, and canceled bookings with filtering options.

Policy and Wallet Features

The "Cancellation/Subscription Policy" outlines refund policies tailored for distinct user categories. The "Wallet" feature displays refundable amounts and transaction summaries for new bookings. Furthermore, the "Points" section provides an overview of earned points, their respective value, and a summary detailing redeemed and accrued points alongside booking details.

Dashboard Control

The admin dashboard provides an overview of overall customer and Yogi counts. "Yogi Management" oversees requests, approvals, and profiles, allowing admins to manage blocking/unblocking features.

Package and Class Oversight

Admins manage subscription packages, yoga classes (with blocking/unblocking capabilities), and Yogi earnings. System controls include points management for classes and dispute resolution for customers.

Language Support

The app seamlessly supports English and Arabic languages. Users can easily switch between languages, prompting the app content to translate accordingly.

Tools and Technologies

Tech For Transformative App

The development of the yoga app embraced modern tools and technologies to create a high-quality, user-friendly, and feature-rich application. The team opted for Flutter to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Adobe XD facilitated customer interface design, allowing for visualization and refinement based on user feedback. Front-end development utilized HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5, and Javascript. For the backend, Asp.Net MVC 5 was employed. This holistic approach, incorporating cross-platform frameworks, secure databases like Firebase, and robust testing tools, resulted in an app that resonated with yoga enthusiasts, providing a transformative and enriching experience on mobile devices.


Connected Yoga Community

The app met the client's requirements by providing easy customer account creation, seamless yoga classes bookings, and efficient management for yoga instructors. The app's user-friendly interface, timely notifications, and secure payment methods ensured a smooth and engaging experience for customers and instructors. Overall, the Yoga App achieved its goal of elevating the yoga experience by creating a thriving and connected yoga community.

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