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Saudi Arabia

Completion Date

November 2023


10 Members

Project Description

Introducing The Spot App

The Sports Stadium Booking App is an online tool for reserving sports stadiums and fields. It simplifies the process of finding and booking sports facilities. Users can easily locate available stadiums, check details like availability, and make payments through the app. It is user-friendly, offering features like booking history tracking and notifications for confirmations, cancellations, and refunds.

Client’s requirement

Improving Sports Stadium Booking Accessibility

The client sought to address several key challenges prevalent in sports stadium bookings within Saudi Arabia. Firstly, there was a significant lack of accessible information regarding available sports fields, often relying on word of mouth or physical visits to stadiums. Secondly, the booking process was cumbersome, involving manual searches and direct communication with stadium staff. Moreover, payment options were limited to cash or bank transfers, occasionally lacking security or convenience. Lastly, language barriers posed significant hurdles for non-local speakers, complicating the communication process during bookings. The client emphasized the need to enhance accessibility to sports facilities, streamline the booking process, diversify payment methods, and overcome language barriers for a more user-friendly and efficient sports facility booking experience.


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SPOT challenges

Addressing Booking Challenges: Enhancing Accessibility

The Spot App addressed several critical challenges prevalent in sports stadium bookings in Saudi Arabia. Users needed more access to information regarding available sports fields across different stadiums. Moreover, the manual search for fields and the subsequent process of contacting stadium staff for bookings proved time-consuming and inconvenient. This tedious method often required physical visits or calls to stadiums, which posed challenges due to busy schedules. The payment options were limited to cash or bank transfers, which were sometimes inconvenient.


Additionally, language barriers created communication complexities for users unfamiliar with the local language. These cumulative challenges made booking a sports field a discouraging and time-intensive process, dissuading potential participation in sports activities. The development of the Spot App aimed to alleviate these issues, streamlining and enhancing the accessibility of the sports field booking process for users.


Seamless Booking Experience: Simplifying The Process

The app enables users to activate location services, making finding nearby stadiums and fields easy. This feature eliminates the necessity for manual searches, streamlining the process of discovering sports facilities in the neighborhood. The app is equipped with detailed information about each stadium, including the number of fields and their availability. This data empowers users to make well-informed decisions when choosing a venue for their activities.


Booking a sports facility is made quick and simple through the Spot App. Users can choose the stadium, field, date, and time slot for their booking, followed by payment using their preferred method. With a “booking history” feature, users can track their past and upcoming bookings. Notifications for confirmations, cancellations, and refunds keep them informed about their activities. Additionally, the app includes a wallet feature to monitor transactions and balances. This functionality helps users easily manage their finances related to sports activities.

Main features

Effortless Sign-up

The app offers a user-friendly, intuitive sign-up process, enabling individuals to swiftly and effortlessly join the platform either as a guest or by providing necessary details. With a seamless interface and straightforward steps, users can navigate the registration process effortlessly. The email verification ensures the authenticity of each user, guaranteeing a secure and verified user base before granting access to the app’s extensive features and services. This streamlined approach to registration aims to cater to a diverse user base and prioritize ease of access for all.

Location-Based Results

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapiBy harnessing the power of location services, the app provides users with comprehensive and detailed information about nearby stadiums and sporting facilities. This feature significantly simplifies the process of identifying, locating, and booking desired facilities, enhancing convenience and expediting the user experience. Users can easily explore and select from a range of options available within their proximity, making it not only user-friendly but also an efficient way to find and reserve suitable sporting venues.bus leo.

Booking History And Alerts

Users benefit from a wealth of detailed information regarding each stadium within the app’s database. From high-quality images capturing various aspects of the facilities to in-depth descriptions of available fields for different sports, the platform equips users with the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions. This detailed repository of stadium information aims to provide a virtual tour-like experience, empowering users to visualize and understand the offerings before bookings, thereby ensuring a tailored and satisfactory experience.

Simple Booking

The app streamlines the booking process, allowing users to swiftly reserve facilities with ease. The implementation of a secure and user-friendly “Pay Now” option simplifies the payment process, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. This streamlined booking system is designed to minimize friction, allowing users to focus on their sporting activities rather than administrative tasks, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Booking History And Alerts

Users gain access to a robust booking management system that diligently tracks past, present, and future bookings. This comprehensive overview enables effective schedule management, allowing users to plan their sports activities efficiently. Moreover, the app employs proactive notifications and alerts, keeping users updated about booking statuses and ensuring a proactive and engaged user experience.

Language Options

The app proudly offers support for multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base and promoting inclusivity. By facilitating communication and interaction in various languages other than English, the platform aims to remove language barriers, making its services more accessible and user-friendly to a global audience.

Wallet Management

Users benefit from a transparent and user-centric wallet management system, providing them insights into their booking history and current wallet balance. This comprehensive overview simplifies expenditure tracking within the app, empowering users to manage their spending efficiently and make informed decisions regarding their activities on the platform.

User-Friendly Settings

The app grants users easy access to user-friendly settings, allowing them to effortlessly edit profiles, update passwords, or manage account preferences. This streamlined approach to account management prioritizes user control and convenience. Additionally, the app ensures accessibility to vital policies such as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, fostering transparency and user trust by providing clear and easily accessible guidelines.


Revolutionizing Sports Booking: Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

Spot App redefines sports stadium bookings in Saudi Arabia, resolving long-standing issues of limited information access, inconvenience, and payment constraints. Through meticulous planning, extensive research insights, and customer-centric design, Spot empowers users to effortlessly discover and book stadiums and fields perfectly tailored to their needs.

Innovative Tech Enablers: Powering Seamless Functionality

The Spot App utilizes advanced tools like Flutter for its look and feel, supported by HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 5, and JavaScript for a dynamic interface. Its backend relies on Asp.Net Core 6 and Microsoft SQL Server for managing data and ensuring security. Adobe XD was key in designing its user-friendly interface. This mix of technologies created a game-changing platform, simplifying sports stadium bookings in Saudi Arabia for everyone




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