Dedicated Development Team Services

Enhance your development capabilities by engaging a dedicated team of experienced industry-specific developers.

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With dedicated development team services, you can enjoy the advantage of close collaboration and alignment with the team, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Although, the benefits of this model extend beyond these aspects.

A dedicated development team offers several benefits, including:

Access to relevant technical expertise for your project

Establish an R&D center in the Ukrainian tech hub

Ability to expand your in-house team with additional talents

Flexible services at a reasonable price

Ability to assemble a team for new projects or updates to existing ones

Full management control over the developers

Strengths of a dedicated development team model

Relevant expertise

Our team will carefully assemble a dedicated development team based on your specific requirements and industry expertise.


Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the most suitable payment model and resource allocation for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Ease of expanding

Easily scale the dedicated development team up or down based on the development stage and scope of work.

Full control

Gain complete control over managing the dedicated team of developers, ensuring transparency and seamless collaboration throughout the process.

Get dedicated development team services to assemble an expert group of software engineers who meet the unique needs of your project. Just fill in the request field, and our representative will contact you to schedule a meeting.​

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Why choose us

We follow a proven multi-step assembling process to provide the best dedicated development team that meets your requirements.

What we offer


Our skilled developers translate your ideas into functional code, ensuring your project functions exactly as intended. You can choose talents based on your specific goals and requirements, and we will assemble the ideal dedicated development team to deliver on your project requirements.


Elevate your digital solutions with a thoughtful and captivating design that sets them apart from the competition. Our team of top-notch UI/UX designers will collaborate with you to create a distinct and engaging look and feel for your project.


In addition to our expert developers and designers, we offer assistance with development operations to enhance overall team efficiency. Our services include setting up cloud infrastructure, optimizing cloud costs, and ensuring stringent quality control for your product.

Technology Stack

Our development team only employs modern and scalable technologies to bring your vision to life in the form of mobile and web applications precisely as you envision

Web Technologies


Node JS

Type Script






Vue JS

Mobile Technologies





Cross Platform


React Native

Key aspects of working with a dedicated team

To foster effective collaboration and ensure the seamless formation of the dedicated development team, we highly value your active participation throughout the process.

Scheduled meeting times

Attending meetings to discuss requirements and gather information is crucial. We understand the importance of your time and will provide you with a convenient meeting schedule.

Sharing project information and requirements

To assemble the ideal team, we need to familiarize ourselves with your project. Share information regarding your business goals, project needs, and specific team expertise requirements.

Managing the development team

While we handle the hiring and team assembly process, you will take responsible for overseeing and managing the dedicated development team during the project.

Tap into tech expertise and develop a software product with our dedicated development team services. Attract experts to build software from scratch or expand your existing team with required competence.

Dedicated Software Team​


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