SafeSpace is an app designed to promote safety and well-being, offering various functions to ensure that anyone can feel comfortable anywhere and at any time of the day. With features such as emergency contacts, location sharing, and safety alerts, SafeSpace is the ultimate safety companion app.



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About a Project

SafeSpace is a mobile application that aims to foster safety and well-being among its users. The app was conceptualised as a response to the prevalent sense of vulnerability experienced by individuals while out at night. SafeSpace serves as a reliable companion that offers multiple functions, catering to the diverse needs of its users.
The app’s overarching objective is to create an inclusive and safe environment that prioritises the comfort and security of all individuals, irrespective of age, race, or body type. SafeSpace seeks to achieve this by providing a range of features that enable users to feel secure and confident while navigating their surroundings.

Project Idea

SafeSpace is a safety and well-being app.
The app was created in response to the common experience of feeling vulnerable or unsafe while out at night.
SafeSpace aims to promote safety and comfort for people of all ages, races, and body types.
The app offers various functions to ensure safety, including location tracking, emergency contacts, and a distress signal.
SafeSpace is designed to be a loyal companion and provide peace of mind to its users.

Project Challenges

Developing a reliable and secure video verification process
Implementing a feature for recording and deleting videos on demand
Integrating location and contacts permissions seamlessly into the app flow
Designing a user-friendly home screen and navigation for displaying friend locations
Developing an efficient and accurate routing system with safe and fast route options
Implementing gender-specific restrictions and options based on user selection
Developing a reliable and efficient emergency notification system for traffic lights and user inactivity
Developing a community call feature for users who need assistance or are feeling unwell


A socialising app with a secure and reliable video verification process
A user-friendly interface for adding friends and displaying their locations
An efficient routing system with safe and fast route options
Gender-specific options and restrictions based on user selection
An efficient and reliable emergency notification system for traffic lights and user inactivity
A community call feature for users who need assistance or are in danger.


  1. Build a mobile platform focused on the safe environment that prioritises the comfort and security of all individuals from scratch: it has to be scalable and provide opportunities for growth in the number of users and solution capabilities.
  2. Ensuring the reliability of the system: The traffic light system is a critical feature of Safespace, and it needs to work reliably to provide users with a sense of security. Any technical issues or failures could undermine user trust and damage the reputation of the company.
  3. Meeting the needs of diverse users: Safespace is likely to have a diverse user base with different security needs and preferences. The traffic light system needs to cater to the needs of different users, including those with disabilities or other special requirements.
  4. Addressing privacy and data security concerns: Users may be hesitant to share sensitive information, such as their location or emergency contacts, with Safespace. The company needs to assure users that their data is secure and will only be used for its intended purposes.
  5. Generating revenue: Safespace is a business, and it needs to generate revenue to sustain its operations and grow its user base. The company may need to explore different revenue models, such as advertising, in-app purchases, or subscription fees, and find a balance between monetization and user experience.

Project Goals

Safespace traffic light system

Develop a user-friendly interface:

The first goal was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the traffic light system, so that users can quickly and easily select the appropriate level of insecurity and access the corresponding features.

Implement different security levels:

The next goal was to ensure that each security level is clearly defined and provides the necessary features to make users feel safer. This could involve working with security experts to determine the best combination of features for each level.

Ensure reliability and accuracy:

The traffic light system must be reliable and accurate, meaning that it correctly identifies the user’s level of insecurity and provides the appropriate features. This would involve rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure the system is functioning as intended.

Provide timely and effective support:

Another important goal was to ensure that users can get help quickly and easily if they need it. This could involve developing a support team that is available 24/7 to provide assistance to users in emergency situations.

Safe Space Map

Enhance user safety:

The primary goal of the SafeSpace Map feature is to enhance user safety by providing them with the ability to choose between the safest and fastest routes, as well as allowing them to share their uncertainty status with other users and receive notifications when they stray too far from a designated safe space.

Improve user experience:

In addition to enhancing user safety, the SafeSpace Map feature, simplifies the process of creating and managing safe spaces, and ensures that the app runs smoothly and without technical issues.

Exchange Area

User Engagement:

Encourage users to actively participate in the SafeSpace community by providing a platform for exchanging ideas, tips, and resources related to personal safety.

User Safety:

Enable users to notify their friends and receive notifications when someone is in an uncomfortable situation, ensuring that they are aware of potential safety concerns.

User Privacy:

Ensure that all information exchanged in the Exchange Area is secure and private, so users feel comfortable sharing sensitive information related to personal safety

Route Feature

  • Allow users to easily add new routes by selecting their current location or entering a location manually.
  • Display previous routes for the last 30 days to help users make informed decisions about their travel choices.
  • Calculate both the fastest and safest routes for the user’s selected destination.
  • Provide users with the option to choose between the fastest and safest routes.
  • Prioritise user safety by ensuring that the safest route includes areas with open markets and shops, even if it takes longer to reach the destination.
  • Ensure that the route feature is user-friendly and intuitive, even for first-time users.
  • To continuously improve and update the route feature based on user feedback and data analysis.

Application Development in detail


  • A brand-new user interface was developed by the Assort Tech design team.
  • The work of streamlining the UI for mobile and web solutions was taken on by our specialists that expertise in responsive design.
  • UI design made sure that the visual aesthetic expressed in the user interface was fully retained and consistent with the client’s vision.


  • The platform was developed within 3 months with Flutter, .Net, Dart, and other appropriate technologies.
  • We were working on the product with cross-platform capabilities in mind to optimise the user experience for everyone.
  • Our development team rebuilt Android & iOS apps from scratch, and a web version considering best practices and patterns for software development.

Back-office Services:

  • We also have performed integrations Firebase, Real-time Chat, and FCM for notifications.
  • Handling all main business logic and application’s integrations. The interaction between the backend and the frontend.
  • Our DevOps specialists introduced the AWS Services platform for the back-office services.


  • With appropriate functions that are integrated with the mobile application, the admin panel is created using the.NET framework.
  • Web app admin panel allows Admin to operate with users, and other features.
  • There are several different areas, including sections for content management and user administration.



As a safe space application is meant to provide a secure environment for users, security should be a top priority. The application is tested thoroughly for vulnerabilities, and appropriate security measures implemented to protect user data and privacy.


The application is tested to ensure that it functions as intended. This includes testing all features and functionality to ensure they work as expected, and identifying and fixing any bugs or glitches that are discovered.


The application is tested for ease of use, as it should be accessible and user-friendly for all users. This includes testing the user interface and user experience to ensure that they are intuitive and easy to navigate.


The application is tested on different devices and platforms to ensure that it works correctly on all of them. This includes testing on different operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.


The application is tested to ensure that it performs well and is responsive. This includes testing for load times, response times, and other performance metrics.


After a suitable verification and data management, the application was subsequently released on the App Store and Play Store.

Core Technologies

  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. Firebase Services
  4. .NET Frame work

The app was developed using Flutter, a popular mobile app development framework, and relies on Firebase services for backend functionality.

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